They wait…they watch…they speak and they ruin.

Living in a nation which is believed to be enriched with spirituality, democracy, natural beauty, secularism, and harmony. I am talking about my country…INDIA. I am really proud of my nation because I believe my country accepts all religions and its borders are safe from any kind of terrorism and hatred atleast from outside.

But I also feel very upset when I see the other face of the same coin. Yes the hatred, low tolerance, vanishing humour, and dirty politics. And not only me most of the youth is aware of this misery. But no one will speak. They just stand in the middle of the crowd to see the nuisance prevailed everywhere around.

New Delhi, its a beautiful place, considerably safe. Uh ha…wait…it was a beautiful place. Because there was a time when politicians of either governing or opposition parties used to be a little bit nice, atleast at their work.  But what now…today the scene is just changed. Political party leaders mainly those in ruling parties…which are for people. Their moral duty is to provide safety, integrity, education, and a clean environment for which ordinary people thrive for. This is why they choose a government. Not for quarreling over what help they get from central government and what degree is with which politician. Government’s duty is to ensure the quality service to society not to keep on complaining like a child to his mother. 

Same with the people, humour is kilometers away. Even if someone compares and expresses himself…everyone stops doing there work and get outside to punish the culprit. “How could anyone say he feels like this…he feels like that.”

Come on folks! Just keep calm…and do your bit instead of pointing what others are not doing.


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