I phones and Onions

In our country…people are more concerned with the image…well a kind of image where I phone seems to be affordable for those people who can bargain with the poor vendors and farmers on the market price of 1 Kg of Onion.

So what I want to draw attention towards is that people in our country are more willing to offer their hard earned money to a US company…but they think at least ten times before spending rupee 1 more on something which is really gonna help their own people. Its sad not because why they give thousands of bucks to an foreign company and not on the poors and needy, but its sad because they never think and ask authorities why there is a whole world of difference while deciding price for a foreign commodity and a poor farmer in debt selling their hard work in form of onion in Re. 1 for several Kgs.

Because we have elected an government and now we have forgotten the agenda which was promised before begging votes. Now if government will decide to pay farmers Rs. 6 per Kg of Onion as government did in Madhya Pradesh in India what can we do we are ok with that. But then simultaneously this government forgets to tell public that we have paid farmers just Rs. 6 per Kg so no one have to pay more than Rs. 10 per Kg to any vendor. Only poor farmers will get a deal on so called “only profit no loss” but they hardly get a deal of “no profit no loss”.

My concern is not why government sets a policy on farmers only. I am only concerned and every citizen of this country should why low prices are paid only to farmers. Why government is more biased towards multinational brands and branded retail outlets for any commodity and not supporting their own people who are actually feeding country.

So if you can’t bargain on the utilities like Cold Drinks, Mobile Phones, and other branded items…then please don’t bargain with poor vendors and farmers too. And if possible ask government to make a policy due to which farmers get the handsome value for their hard work. Then only new generation will opt farming as vocation not as manipulation.


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